Vintage Promise Rings For Her

Vintage promise rings are a special symbol of love and commitment. They can be worn as a pre-engagement ring or to show devotion and monogamy. Choosing the right vintage promise ring requires careful consideration of design, materials and gemstones.

Whether you’re looking for the perfect gift or to celebrate your own commitment, we have an array of stunning vintage promise rings. Explore our collection below to find the one that speaks to your heart.


Vintage Promise rings for couples are an important symbol of commitment and love. They are traditionally used to signify promises such as monogamy, chastity and pre-engagement. They are also a great gift for special occasions like birthdays and anniversaries.

The metal that is chosen for a vintage promise ring should be durable and beautiful. It should also be hypoallergenic and able to tolerate the elements. It should also be easy to clean and maintain.

Gold is a classic choice for promise rings. It is available in various shades, depending on the alloys used and its karat level. Yellow gold is the most popular shade, but white gold is also becoming increasingly popular.

White gold is made from yellow gold mixed with other metals, such as nickel, to create a silvery color. It is then coated with rhodium to protect it from wear and tear. Eventually, the rhodium will wear away and the ring may return to its natural yellowish color.


Vintage promise rings are a timeless symbol of love and commitment. They can be worn for a variety of reasons and can help to set the stage for an eventual engagement ring. Vintage promise rings are typically more ornamental than modern ones and often feature intricate details like filigree.

A diamond is a classic option for a vintage style promise ring. Its beauty and purity represent the timeless commitment of a couple. A vintage ring with a diamond can be an excellent way to show your love and to remind her of the special occasion that inspired it.

Shop our collection of vintage promise rings for women to find the perfect piece to celebrate your love. Whether you’re looking for a heart-frame promise ring or traditional Claddagh ring, you’ll find the perfect design to mark your promise of everlasting love. Visit a Zales store near you to discover the many ways we can help you fulfill your promise today.


Diamonds are a classic choice for promise rings. They are dazzling and durable, and can be set in many different designs to match the wearer’s personal style. Choose a diamond with ethical lab-grown grading for the ultimate in brilliance and beauty.

Unique promise rings often feature rare gemstones or unconventional elements that make them stand out from the crowd. These rings convey a commitment that goes beyond the ordinary and symbolize a bond that is one-of-a-kind.

Engravings and birthstones are other popular choices for vintage promise rings. These personalized touches elevate the meaning and significance of the ring, making it a truly unique expression of love. When selecting a gemstone, consider the Mohs scale of hardness and any treatments that may have been applied. Treatments can affect the durability and value of a gemstone, so always request a gemological report from a reputable dealer to ensure the quality of the stone you purchase.


Vintage promise rings are a cherished tradition that symbolise love and commitment between two people. While they are not as common as engagement rings, they are still a popular choice for couples to show their commitment and symbolise a future together. Discover our curated collection of vintage promise rings for her in a variety of classic and elegant styles to find the perfect one for your partner.

For example, this lovely vintage inspired 14K white gold promise ring features a sparkling high quality diamond securely 4 prong set at the center of a flower in full bloom framed with traditional asymmetrical scroll sides. Its sweet design is sure to be adored!

If you are looking for something more elaborate, we have many beautiful options that feature intricate designs and details such as filigree work. These details give a romantic and antique feel to the ring while also adding a touch of elegance. Many of our vintage rings also feature a special detail called milgrain, which adds even more character to the piece and evokes memories of a bygone era.

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